derek ruths || network dynamics


I’m an associate professor in the School of Computer Science at McGill University where I run the Network Dynamics Lab.

In my research, I’m interested in using data to measure and predict large-scale human behavior.

Recent News

2015.12.20 – Paper on priming in crowd sourcing accepted to CHI ’16

Congratulations to Edward whose paper on the priming effects of crowd sourcing task design was accepted to CHI 2016!

2015.11.20 – Visit @ Cornell Tech

Spoke about my work at Facebook on modeling patterns of human migration using online data. Thanks to Mor Naaman for coordinating my visit!

2015.11.06 – Invited talk @ UW CSDE Seminar

Enjoyed a day-long visit with faculty and students interested in computational approaches to modeling migration patterns. Spoke about my work on the topic at Facebook.

2015.08.20 – Keynote @ launch of UCosta Rica Data Science Program

Spoke at the opening of a new data science program at University of Costa Rica. I appreciated the opportunity to interact with so many enthusiastic and promising future data scientists!

2015.06.19 – Talk @ Political Networks

Discussed forthcoming work on using NLP techniques to mine narratives around political events from news articles.