derek ruths || network dynamics


Graduate students

Graduate students are the heart of the creative research and development work we conduct. At present I’m fortunate to have the following PhD and Master’s students as part of my group.

  • Edward Newell, PhD student
  • Haji Mohammad Saleem, PhD student
  • Stefan Dimitrov, Master’s student
  • Hardik Vala, Master’s student
  • Jad Sassine, Research Assistant

The following students have graduated and moved on to pursue new, exciting opportunities…

  • Faiyaz Al Zamal (PhD 2015), Financial Data Scientist @ Chase Bank
  • Guy Lifshitz (MS 2014), Data Scientist @ Silentale
  • Syed Ahmed (MS 2014), PhD @ McGill University
  • Raviv Cohen (MS 2013), Security Consultant @ iSec
  • Michael Misiewicz (MS 2013), Data Scientist @ AppNexus
  • Mathieu Perreault (MS 2012), Software Developer @ Google

Undergraduate students

In addition to conducting research, undergraduates bring enthusiasm and new perspectives to the lab. I’m glad to be working with the following students:

  • Caitrin Armstrong, Computer Science
  • Cara Vitali, Communications

Former undergraduate members of our lab include:

  • Tyler Finethy, Computer Science
  • Morgane Ciot, Computer Science
  • James Mccorriston, Systems Analyst @ Quantopian
  • Vasu Nadella, Co-founder and CEO of Macromeasures
  • Wendy Liu, Co-founder and CTO of Macromeasures
  • Ben Deverett, MD-PhD program @ Rutgers University
  • Angela King, (received a Summer 2010 NSERC Fellowship) graduate school @ MIT
  • Ionut Georgian Ciobanu, Computer Science @ Co-founder of LindenHoney