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Infographic: Twitter users on the iPhone 5 announcement

You may love or hate Apple, but their iPhone announcements are always fascinating, energetic events. In order to understand how people responded on Twitter to the unveiling of the 5th generation iPhone on September 12th, we processed over 30 million tweets generated that day. We then measured a variety of trends including hot iPhone-related topics, gender breakdown, and the amount of event-related chatter coming from countries around the world.

We were surprised by the sheer volume of tweets: the iPhone announcement garnered almost as many tweets as the 2012 Republican National Convention got in three days. On top of this, major non-English-speaking countries (Brazil, Spain, and Mexico) stood out as having generated a significant portion of the total event-specific tweets, making the response to this truly international.

For more on these and other curious facts about Twitter users’ response to the event, check out the Tweets on the iPhone 5 infographic we made.

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